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Official HCG Diet Phase 2

What Happened On The  Official hCG Diet Phase 2

I ordered my hCG diet supplies which included syringes, needles, disinfectant wipes, and the hCG hormone for under $100 and I was ready to begin the hCG diet phase 2—remember I skipped the hCG diet phase 1.

The hCG diet phase 2 started off with two days of wonderful loading. Since the hCG diet uses your body’s fat as energy there needs to be a transition time where it switches from using the fat you eat as energy to the fat in your fat cells.

So the hCG diet phase 2 starts off with fat loading for either 2 or three days. During the loading process of the hCG diet phase 2, you eat as much fat as you can. This gives the hCG enough time to get your fat cells open. If your don’t do this loading, you will suffer from starvation in the first week of the hCG because your fat cells will not be open enough to provide you with the extra calories of energy your body needs to do its basic functions.

I found out that there are good ways to do the loading on hCG diet phase 2 and there are ways you should avoid. The best way to load during the first few days of the hCG diet phase 2 is to eat as much fat as possible while avoiding starches and refined sugars. If you eat a lot of starch and refined sugar you will gain anywhere from 5 to 10 pounds during loading.

HCG Diet Phase 2 Loading…

hcg diet phase 2 loading

Loading for the hCG diet phase 2 is fun and I suggest you do it for 3 days. This seems to be the optimum time period for your fat cells to become totally available for fat transfer. Once your 3 days of loading are up, you are ready to go on the rest of the hCG diet phase 2.

The first few days of the hCG diet phase 2 after loading were surprising for me. I wasn’t hungry and I had a lot of energy. But, oh, the cravings I had. I spent hours laying in bed eating imaginary feasts of every delight I could ever remember eating. I lost  13 pounds the first week of the hCG diet phase 2. Much of it was what I had gained on loading. Still, I soon settled down to a pretty steady ¾ pounds a day.  hCG diet phase 2 is easy to follow because the reading on the scales usually rewards you each morning.hcg diet phase 2

There are critics who claim that the weight loss experienced on the hCG diet phase 2 is due to the 500 calorie a day meal plan and has nothing to do with the hCG hormone. They further claim that the hCG diet phase 2 is dangerous because of the very low calorie meal plan. I can’t argue with them from a scientific standpoint just as they can’t make their arguments from a purely scientific standpoint. The truth is, the hCG diet phase 2 would be dangerous if you were only losing your weight because of the very low calorie diet.

It takes almost 500 calories a day just for your brain to function properly and hCG diet phase 2 only allows for 500 calories total. As I followed the hCG diet phase 2 I did not experience any symptoms of starvation. I was never weak, dizzy, or troubled by a lack of concentration.  In fact, the opposite was true. It is not just me alone that has these anecdotal experiences to relate but thousands of people have followed the hCG diet phase 2 with no ill effects.

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