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What Should You Know About HCG Body 4 Life?

“HCG Body 4 Life Changes The Game?”

HCG Body 4 Life SwimsuitThe next few paragraphs can change your life by not only setting you free from fat forever, but giving you a body you have only dreamed of.  You will learn how to…

  • Make dramatic changes in your body in a very short time
  • Use exercise on the hCG diet to rocket your weight loss
  • Understand a system for revolutionizing how you look and feel about yourself

No Exercise On The Official hCG Diet Until HCG Body 4 Life

All my life I have secretly wanted to look fit.  No, not like Arnold, but fit and trim, you know, athletic.  The problem is that that trim fit person was always hid underneath a layer of fat. (sigh)  Anyway, I had finally found a way to shed between 1/2 and 3/4 pound of fat a day using the official hCG diet, but little did I know what was about to happen to my body when I added exercise to the hCG diet.  The problem was that there was very little exercise allowed on the hCG diet.

That is when I ran across Colin Watson’s story and the way he developed the HCG Body 4 Life system.  The first week I used it I lost a jaw dropping 13 pounds!

When you add exercise to the hCG diet, the proper way, the results are amazing.  If you do it the wrong way, you could stop your weight loss or worse yet lose lean muscle tissue.

The key is to never push you calorie deficit to hard and that is what the HCG Body 4 Life system teaches.  I wouldn’t even include the HCG Body 4 Life on this site if I hadn’t seen first hand what it can do.

You can, of course, strike out on your own and try to add exercise to your hCG routine, but be careful if you do.  You are already on a very low-calorie diet and if you exercise the wrong way and push your body into a calorie deficit that it can’t metabolize its own fat fast enough to fill it will metabolize lean muscle tissue.

Colin’s Official hCG Diet Tweaks Yield HCG Body 4 Life

Just take a look at what happened when he applied his HCG Body 4 Life tweaks to his own body.

HCG Body 4 Life

The photos above document what happened when Colin added the right amount and right kind of exercise to the weight-blasting, official hCG diet.  He calls his system HCG Body 4 Life.

Needless to say, I wanted to try HCG Body 4 Life and so I found out where I could get a copy of his plan.  Man, I didn’t know what was about to happen to me.

It Is Hard To Get Fit When Your Over 30

OK, so I am a late bloomer.  Most people try to get fit in their 30′s when their “auto-bodies” they had in their 20′s quit working and gravity takes over.  But me? NO, not me. I started in my early 50′s.  The first week of HCG Body 4 Life was a huge surprise.  It wasn’t a bit harder than just doing the hCG diet and yet I had a lot of energy to do my exercise routine, and just wait until you hear the results of that first week.

I LOST 13 POUNDS that first week.  And I felt great.  If you think that was an anomaly, consider the fact that I lost 10 pounds the next week.

My wife had always had me trying on outfit after outfit and me not being able to wear the clothes she would like. I always went for comfort and she went for appearance.  Looking  and being fit added so much to our lives because suddenly the two matched.  If you would like a way to get a fit body in a month or 2 visit us Click Now!—>See All Of The Details At HCG Body 4 Life

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  1. I’m still learning from you, as I’m losing weigh with the hCG diet. I definitely enjoy reading all that is written on your blog. Keep the tips coming, especially the hcg tweaks.

    • Chris /


      One of the best tweaks is adding exercise and drinking an energy shot.

      Actually do that is reverse order. If you drink an energy shot the minute you get up and thin in 20 minutes go for a brisk 30 to 45 minute walk. You will see incredible results


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