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Dr Simeons’ HCG Diet

Dr Simeons’ hCG Diet was the Original hCG Diet

Kevin Trudeau’s The Weight Loss Cure Was Based On Dr Simeons’ hCG Diet

Which diet is best? Dr. Simeons’  hCG diet or the one that was made popular by Kevin Trudeau?  That is the question that deserves an answer before anyone embarks on an hCG diet.

What Is The Difference Between Dr Simeons’ hCG Diet And Kevin Trudeau’s

The most startling difference is in the body cleansing routines that Kevin Trudeau outlines in the first chapters of his book.  Dr Simeons’ hCG diet does not call for this phase in the hCG diet but instead goes right into the weight loss phase of the diet.

Another difference between Dr Simeons’  hCG diet and Kevin’s is that Mr. Trudeau organized the hCG diet into phases.  This has become the standard today when referring to the hCG diet whether it is Dr Simeons’  hCG diet or Kevin Trudeau’s.

This today we talk about the hCG diet in 4 phases where as Dr Simeons’  hCG diet had only two.  So if you are going to follow Dr. Simeons’ hCG diet protocol, you will be starting on what is popularly referred to as the hCG diet phase 2.

Dr Simeons’ hCG Diet Was One Size Fits All

With Dr Simeons’  hCG plan you were given 125 i.u. of hCG by injection every morning no matter how much you weighed.  Since Dr Simeons’ time the hCG diet has evolved somewhat and Kevin Trudeau’s recommendations calls for varying amounts depending on how you are reacting to the hCG hormone.  His range is anywhere from 200 i.u. to 250 i.u.

Is Dr Simeons’ hCG Diet Better Or Is Kevin Trudeau’s?

Actually, I have found that a combination of the two is the best.  I ignore Kevin Trudeau’s instructions on body cleansing and jump right into the hCG diet phase 2.  But I love Kevin Trudeau’s use of varying hCG dosages.

The combination of these hCG diets seem to work out the best.  There are great guides to following the hCG diet written by people who have gone on it, tweaked it and come up with great results.  Their advice has really worked for me.  There are guides that help you just lose weight on the hCG diet as well as guides that can transform a body from frump to WOW in as little as a month.

All of them are based on Dr Simeon’s hCG diet and Kevin Trudeau’s but they are unique in that they are working models written by people who have actually walked the walk.

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